E Square for Events and Exhibitions has the pleasure to invite you to In Shape, the Health, Beauty and Fitness Fair. The event' seven edition will be held at BIEL, Beirut, March 2017, between 3:00 and 10:00 PM.

If you are looking to obtain brand awareness & media exposure and interested to keep your brand, products or services top of mind before, during and long after the event has taken place, then take advantage from a wide-ranging designed sponsorship programs. There are different sponsorship packages options that can be customized to meet your objectives; however, there are some benefits that are unique to all:

  • An opportunity to maximize your organization's presence before, during, and after the exhibition with targeted marketing opportunities.

  • An opportunity to obtain brand awareness & media exposure, improved credibility and image transfer - Build brand recognition. Build awareness throughout the industry by raising the eyebrows of media, high-level executives, and consultants.

  • New customer acquisition and client retention - Sponsoring is an opportunity to network and seek new clients while increasing your business partnerships. Rise your networking opportunities.

  • An opportunity to adjust company positioning - A direct cost effective route to your target market. By taking a decision to be a sponsor, a business separates itself from its competitors and stands apart from the crowed, identifying itself immediately as one who values its customers, both existing and new, and is prepared to make it accessible and approachable.

From event sponsorship to custom packages, you can be assured that our expertise can help you find the right solution to meet your needs and your budget, including:

I - Sponsorship Categories
  1. Platinum Sponsor US$ 40,000 – Only two sponsors
  2. Gold Sponsor, US$ 30,000 – Only three sponsors
  3. Silver Sponsor, US$ 20,000 – Only four sponsors
  4. Events Sponsor, US$ 8,000 to 15,000
  5. Branding , US$ 5,000 – 10,000
II - Sponsorship Benefits
  1. Platinum, Gold & Silver Sponsors

    Beside the fact that being a sponsor is a unique opportunity to adjust your company positioning, it is a great chance to benefit from massive media exposure through the acknowledgement the sponsor gets in the massive marketing and advertising campaign ofl In Shape Fair.

    All sponsors will benefit from having their logo and name featured (position and size depending on the sponsorship category) in the overall In Shape massive advertising campaign which includes:

    • Billboards, Unipoles and LED Screens.
    • Advertisements in renowned newspapers and trade publications covering the health and wellness sector including, beauty and cosmetic publications as well as local and regional magazines.
    • More than 40,000 copies of the Salon’s guide distributed before and during the fair.
    • More than 40,000 visitor cards.
    • An exclusive highly attractive and informative website for In Shape 2015.
    • 5000+ Personal invitations for the opening to prominent distinguished public figures, VIPs, as well as to key decision makers and specialists in the fields of Health, Beauty and Fitness.
    • Mass E-mailing campaign
    • 1000+ Posters
    • 50,000 + Leaflet
    • Official opening ceremony and press conference.
    • Entrance banners.
    In addition to the above benefits, the following are included according to your sponsorship category:

    Platinum Sponsor: 24 sqm free space in the exhibition + 18 sqm banner + Inside cover of the catalogue of the fair + promo girl at the entrance of In-Shape to advertise your brand for the 4 days.
    Gold Sponsor: 18 sqm free space in the exhibition + 12 sqm banner + Advertisement page in the catalogue of the fair.
    Silver Sponsor: 15 sqm free space in the exhibition + 8 sqm banner + Advertisement page in the catalogue of the fair.

  2. Events Sponsors

    1. Sponsor’s Endeavor: the sponsor is given the opportunity to take advantage from In Shape attractive setting and wide ranging targeted audience to set up his own special event and thus maximize his exposure to the fullest. E Square provides the location/stage and the full coverage of the event through all of the In-Shape massive printed and audio advertising campaign as well as inside of the exhibition premises.
    2. E Square   Events: the sponsor supports totally or partially one or more of the various events that E Square will carry out at In Shape. These events include live talk shows, competitions, cooking workshops, latest workouts, conferences, seminars,… Depending on the level of sponsorship, the position and size of the sponsor's logo and name will be decided in the overall In Shape massive printed advertising campaign as well as inside the exhibition premises.

    The events will be hosted at one of the four animation stages.

  3. Branding Opportunities

    Multiple Branding opportunities can also be found in strategic locations throughout the exhibition halls. Including but not limited to:
    Signage • Counter signage • Carrier bags • Your live mascotte in the exhibition aisles • etc

    A range of options is available, and each can be customized to meet your aspirations.