The E Square venture was born from years of accumulated experience in events and exhibitions' planning. Among others, the group organized the "Forum de l'Innovation Scientifique Francophone" in 2001 in partnership with the "Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie", a series of conferences at a variety of Lebanese Universities, and FORWARD, the landmark event in the recruitment and career consulting field. These ventures helped our team develop a unique proficiency in the field of Event Management.


The ongoing success of FORWARD, taking place on a yearly basis since 2001, and of all other events called for the establishment of a dedicated team of professionals in charge of planning and implementing projects from beginning to ending,

This team quickly proved its efficiency through numerous successful occasions and developed a well earned expertise in Event Management! Thus, a serious interest in venturing into this field through coming up with innovative ideas and bringing new events to Lebanon and the region was born! As a group we felt the urge to widen up the scope of our business by covering a diversity of industries and sectors still underleveraged in Lebanon but offering a strong potential for growth.

Hence, E Square was initiated by scrutinizing evolving consumer lifestyles in Lebanon and the region that called for an increased exposure to innovative products and services and by addressing businesses seeking opportunities to reach these consumers effectively.

Though FORWARD 2009 was E Square's opening event, In Shape Fair 2009 was its first exclusive pioneering project! In Shape, taking place on a yearly basis since then, soon became the most anticipated comprehensive Wellbeing Fair in the Middle East covering everything related to the health, beauty and fitness fields.

Moreover, E Square's value proposition is twofold: on one hand, the company organizes its own exhibitions and events based on a key trend or opportunity that E2 team identifies. On the other hand, it provides its event management and planning services to clients interested in holding their own special occasions; be it a Gala Dinner, Business Conference, Private Launching, Theme Exhibitions or others.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become a leading event management team in the region by setting international standards in the field and bringing the latest global trends and developments to Lebanon and the region as well as by providing our services to the widest possible variety of clients.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to set and deliver outstanding events all the while providing exceptional customer service and follow-up by offering innovative and customized solutions addressing every need of our clients and guaranteeing their optimal satisfaction.

E Square's event management services fall under two main categories, corporate and leisure. For each, a variety of occasions can be handled by our team of experts:

Corporate events: From seminars and trainings to product launches, road shows and others, such as:

  • Corporate events.
  • Workshops.
  • Training sessions.
  • Themed Conferences.
  • Press Conferences.
  • Brand launches.
  • Trade Conventions.
  • Grand Openings.

    Leisure events: From private parties to weddings, concerts, charity events and others, such as:
    • Private Parties.
    • Gala dinners.
    • Cultural Events.
    • Fashion Shows.

E Square's exhibitions are either the company's own exclusive independent projects or ones that are organized for clients. Exhibitions provide opportunities for businesses to increase their exposure and showcase their products and services, while keeping customers informed of all new developments. Thus, there are mainly two types of exhibitions, both of which can be fully organized by E Square:
Trade Fairs & Exhibitions Consumer Fairs & Exhibitions
(Business to Business) (Business to Consumer)
  • Trade Fairs and Exhibitions (B to B): they provide an opportunity for businesses in a specific sector to effectively interact, network with uppliers, distributors, wholesalers and others. They present also a unique platform to discuss new partnerships and future developments all the while showcasing the latest in the market under one roof.
  • Consumer Fairs and Exhibitions (B to C): they provide an ideal opportunity for businesses to showcase their newness and latest offerings directly to consumers, benefit from an exceptional tangible-ROI opportunity by generating sales and building impressive customers data-base all the while optimizing their company, brand or product awareness!


Type of Support Provided

Support provided by E2 ranges from the early strategic planning, to all logistics and tactical details throughout the roll-out of the events. Among others, these services include the following:
  • Strategic Planning: E2 can suggest themes and creative ideas depending on the occasion, define strategic objectives and messages for each as well as identify the related requirements to address them appropriately..
  • Venue Selection & Set Up: E2 identifies and secures ideal venues suitable for the type of event/exhibition to be held and set the venue space accordingly.
  • Third Party Selection: E2 identifies if any third parties is needed for the organization and the implementation of the undertaken project, including companies or individuals providing hospitality, entertainment, catering, advertising or any other desired services.
  • Event Promotion: E2 is of fully promoting any type of events by optimizing awareness and participation levels; providing support in the design, printing and mailing, in booking spaces and stands for participants, in establishing registration and confirmation systems for visitors, and in assisting in any needed flight and stays' accommodation.
  • Communication Material: E2 is equipped to efficiently recommend and develop all or part of any event's communication campaign including the writing, drafting and publication of press releases, the handling of media and press relations, the editing and printing of all promotional material, etc.
  • Other Logistics: E2 manages and plans all or partial technical and logistical aspects of any venture depending on the client's request.

E Square is committed to introduce special and differentiated event management services and proceedings with a unique value proposition that will surely set it apart from the existing local and regional field's players.

Rather than being a young and "new" company, E Square was born from years of experience thanks to the relentless efforts of it team of trained professionals. This has allowed the company to build its brand promise around four key dimensions where it pledges to outperform market standards:

  • Innovation: E Square team is dedicated to continuously innovate in terms of its clients' service and its constant quest to seek new opportunities in line with the consumer lifestyles' evolution in Lebanon and beyond.
  • Professionalism:E Square provides a high level of service quality which is further entrenched by its staff's professionalism, perfection and performance and by its management's active participation and leadership in helping drive and build a service quality culture.
  • Team Driven Culture: E Square is dedicated to the personal and professional development of its employees by providing a positive environment enabling them to prosper and grow personally as well as professionally.
  • Customer Care: E Square is committed to provide customers with an unmatched level of care and attention, adding a personalized touch to all its services, and investing in developing and cementing long-lasting partnerships.
  • Responsiveness: E Square team will remain alert and responsive to its clients' requests and will always be ready to swiftly answer any pressing need or solve any unfolding crisis that may occur during an event or exhibition.

Our Offices are Located at:

Baabda | Damascus Road | BLOM Building | 1st Floor
Phone : +961 5 45 67 45 Fax: +961 5 45 67 46
You can email us at